Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just in case... think it's a little too quiet over here. are wondering where I have been. have been checking up on me...

I thought I would post a short note and a could I not include a photo?
This is artwork that is now hanging in Sarah's room. She and I did it together sometime ago and then it got hung sometime after that...we haven't finished Sean's yet so I was thinking I would wait but enough's enough.

She loves it...she created's all good.

As for me, there are a few things that are different this week. I didn't have anything booked this week. Not. One. Thing. Well, maybe one thing but we had to cancel because my baby boy is sick, oh so sick. He has some sort of a stomach bug. In fact he's napping now. Not because I'm a nice Mum who rocked him to sleep, or even who laid down with him. No. Because he asked to go to bed. I had to pick him up and carry him upstairs and put him in his bed. Even though he has so few words. I saw relief. Poor guy.


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