Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hey! Where'd you get those cupcakes?

So, I went out to meet DH last night...I left the kids with a sitter. Cupcakes were boxed up and ready to go for this morning. I came home and our sitter said, "Where'd you get those cupcakes? They're really nice." I looked at her and in a state of shock. It had been a long day so maybe I didn't hear her, she really thought I bought these ones...
Doesn't matter to Simon where they came from, he was just angling for one...see that bowl??? He got it just for his cupcake. Sorry Baby!
Let's take a closer look...mmmm....look at that goose egg. Pretty nasty! My little monkey fell off of a chair onto the patio on Thursday. We went to the ER. They took his vital stats...we waiting 3 hours...then when only 1 of the 2 people ahead of us were called in after those 3 hours we left. It was 9pm. Simon was tired, I was was crazy. In that time we; broke the vending machine (our pretzels didn't come out so I gave it a little rock), met a number of ambulance drivers, one of them turned the lights on for Simon (his face totally lit up!), he ran up to another one and gave him an 'airplane' hug (a Simon special), then he got to see in the back of an an was crazy! He's such a nut...
All packaged up and ready to go...I didn't have quite enough room in my boxes for the cupcakes so I had to put a few in a different box...isn't it cute?
Almost forgot, these are lemon cupcakes with lemon icing. Yum!


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