Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday to me...

...and to you! These are the people I know, I know who share my Aunt Mary-Lou (wasn't I a great birthday gift? C: ), my Brother-in-law, and now as it turns out there is this totally fab photographer that I know (went to high school with) who's daughter was born on my birthday! So, in honour of these fabulous people as well as myself and those who I don't know about I baked a cake!
The last few years I have enjoyed cake baked my DH and the kids but I don't know quite what happened this year...and my DH feels the is a sample from a few years ago. Last year's was really good but I don't think I blogged it...sad eh? My DH's talent going unnoticed by all of you like that! ;)
Did I mention that I made Pink Lemonade Cake? I decided that the cake must be PINK, of course! I may have over-pinked it...what do you think? I kept the icing the hint of pink that the Pink Lemonade Concentrate created. The cake was a hit! Our guests thoroughly enjoyed it...consider it added to my repertoire! Cream Cheese Icing would also be fabulous with this delight, in my opinion...


PS my buttercream never turns out this nice! I definitely did something right this time around!

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