Saturday, April 10, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

I couldn't believe it when I started uploading photos yesterday and realized that I haven't blogged since April began! Ack yesterday was the 9th and I was finally uploading photos!!! Oh dear!

Well, things have been quite busy the last week and a will start to see the results of that very soon but first I have a story to tell...

I know a young woman from Camp Bimini. She was our middle son's counselor when we went for family camp. If you haven't ready about it yet, you should...we loved family camp...the staff were so awesome! In fact our older 2 kids will be staying for a mini camp without us this year...but that is another story!

Anyway, Naomi contacted me about a month ago and asked me about my cakes. As we were discussing ideas and I was hearing more about her mother (the cake recipient) I was blown away. You see her mother didn't want a 50th birthday celebration. No, because she wanted to celebrate when she turned 55 and from what I understand, she will do that in about a week. The reason is that this woman will be the first woman, in a number of generations to make it to 55.
And her family wanted to make it really special...I think it already is pretty special that they get to celebrate this milestone together but there is a party happening today that I wish I could catch a glimpse of.
Naomi was thrilled when she saw the finished excited...I have to admit, I was too!
If you read this Donna...I want to wish you the happiest day ever and many more yet to come. Thank you Naomi for sharing your sure can be beautiful...

Top Tier: Chocolate Sour Cream with Cookies and Cream Filling
Bottom Tier: Yellow Cake with Vanilla Filling



Matt said...

We loved the cake!! You did a fantastic job, and we'll definitely use you again for future celebrations!! Thanks so much for a great cake!!

Matt (Naomi's brother/Donna's Son)

Garden Girl said...

I didn't make it to the party, but I heard so much about the cake! Wish I could have seen it live! Amazing photo's by the way. You have a knack for fondant that is for sure.

Erin (Matt's girlfriend/Donna's possible future daughter in law)