Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail...

We were supposed to have a good sized group in on Sunday for Creative Kids but there is some nasty bug going around the area and we lost half of our crowd...we were disappointed that our friends couldn't make it and are glad that they are better now!

It's been awhile since we've had Creative Kids so my kids were eager to get started...we baked cupcakes and decorated them...
They are meant to be Rabbit Holes. The idea comes from "Hello Cupcake" a fantastic book I have! The kids decided to not ice them since they were chocolate but normally you would ice them and then dip them in Oreo Crumbs.
We made our feet and the black pads out of fondant because you can't find a lot of the candy they use here in Canada...the kids insisted on colourful tails! They were funny!
Then we made natural Easter Baskets. We got this idea from Roots and Wings Co. they have all sorts of great ideas for Easter and well, everything else! Definitely worth a visit!
The kids have been watering and waiting for their grass to grow! They are looking forward to trimming it with scissors! The girls also planted bulbs in theirs...Sean was happy with just grass.
Then we headed out for our Easter Egg Hunt...Sean was quite generous and found a number of eggs for the girls! In fact, because he found a second one before our friend found her first he gave it to her to get her! What a gentleman!

Well, if I don't make it back in time please have a very Happy Easter!


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