Saturday, March 27, 2010

Princess Pandemonium!

Well, according to the mother of my last birthday girl I was unflappable. Wow! Okay, so this morning when I was running a little behind and my staff didn't make it I kept thinking, unflappable, I am unflappable, I can do this! Well, thank goodness some emergency help was sent in and we recovered fairly quickly!

Without further adieu here is today's birthday girl...
In case you hadn't figured it out we had a Princess Party today...we made cupcakes with cute little toppers that the girls stamped, punched and coloured themselves (although the girls were much cuter than the toppers!)We decorated loot bags and made clipboards that coordinated with the cupcake toppers...
And we had fun! Getting a picture of these girls was not easy! But here they are...they sure were a lot of fun!
But I'm thinking you can tell that from these photos...
Another Buggy Birthday success story. Fun. And I have a new partially trained staff now too! Most excellent...a great day in all.


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