Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Cake...

I was originally asked to do the cake for Sarah's teacher's party...not the scrapbook (that I volunteered for...yes, I am crazy!). We thought about this one a lot...First; Mrs. Behnke loves tea...second; she loves books. Alright, a teacup on a book...but what book?
Sarah asked what her favourite book was and Mrs. Behnke told her she loves all books. She eventually relented and said she likes Chester...that really wasn't doing it for me...Chester the Cat on a goodbye cake?
So I thought some more...maybe there was a goodbye book that would work for me...a goodbye book...mmmm...
Of course! Oh The Places You'll Go! Not only is it moving on type of book but it's by Dr Seuss!!! Perfect! Everything is edible on this delight...the teacup was filled with butterscotch pudding at the last minute. Oh how she loved it! We were delighted with her response!


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