Sunday, February 07, 2010


Some of you may recall that last year for Mother's Day we made Bakerella's Oreo Truffles...yum! So when (look out 'cause this may get confusing) my cousin's wife, Jen, asked me to make the favours for my cousin Jennifer's baby shower (they are sisters-in-law...and share the same last name!!!) I thought it was time to revisit Bakerella and go Oreo!
One of the things that my cousin Jennifer is known for is her love of scuba diving. She teaches people how to dive, works in a dive shop, you get the idea! So, I thought no other decor would be better on these little boxes then scuba divers...
I just love how these babies all turned out...
Did I mention that she and the father to be are expecting a boy?
We are looking forward to the safe arrival of Baby Hamm...xo


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