Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our cake

A while back...there was a challenge laid out to me on was that if I made our minister in cake he would use the pictures as his profile picture. Well, that was a WHILE back and I finally got to make his cake!
I know, I know...there is no picture of him on the cake...and well, there are a few reasons for this. First, I like artistic renditions...second, I have yet to really delve into the world of sculpting people for cake...this I want to do but haven't decided if I should continue to fumble in the dark or actually get some formal training on this see, thus far I am self-taught...

Anyway, some of the highlights are; the cross that Ryk wears every Sunday (he may even wear it every day).
The Boran (a celtic style drum) one of many instruments that he plays along with the bible that he carries when he does his sermon...that little black book is always on hand Sunday mornings (Ryk insisted on eating the bible himself!)
Finally, the clergy tartan that he wears for special occasions. There was some discontent expressed that he wasn't wearing his kilt today.
This bad boy was about enough to serve 75 people...and feed them it did!
In case you were wondering the bottom tier was lemon with lemon buttercream, the middle tier was vanilla with vanilla buttercream and the top tier was chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

Oh and Ryk, if you happen to read this...if you would like a cetlic cross cake for your birthday, I am totally on-board...I would really like to take another stab at that!


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Susan said...

I am a cake decorator myself ( and love your cake! Great job!