Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Full of beans...

I now have a clearer understanding of the expression full of beans...you see...I decided to make beanbag chairs for the boys...as we attempted to fill the first one things got a little messy. The first bag of beans looked like mini mallows...they fit perfectly between baby toes...see?
Did I mention they were staticy?
Oh and look at that floor!!!
We took some time to be a little ridiculous with them and had fun playing with the beans in the living room (Martin is so very happy he wasn't home to witness this) and then Sarah and I cleaned them all up...well, almost all of them anyway.
And here is Sean in his chair...I will share more photos of the projects I did this weekend soon...the boys got some nice cool stuff for their room...Sean is super excited and Simon well, he's adjusting to his new bed...


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