Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crazy Christmas Carol's Care Kit!

Last January I met this woman...she was fun, full of life and well, I really wanted to know her but we were at a weekend conference that ended so very quickly (I had Simon there with I had my hands full!) Then I saw her again in April at another event...I was even more inspired by her and it was then that I decided that anything that she is involved in has got to be a good thing so, we signed up for family camp at Bimini as she is the director of the camp.

Well, after a wonderful weekend I thought that is one cool lady...but she was busy so we didn't necessarily connect. Heck I was there with my husband and 3 children along with a bunch of other families, it was crazy! Crazy good of course, no...crazy great!

Anyway, there was this thing...about purple soap...Sean became obsessed with it. So, I called her so Sean could ask her for purple soap...then a parcel arrived with something we had left behind and some purple soap and that's when friendship became inevitable!

I finally got a care package together for her that I had mentally prepared before Christmas...

It included some essentials...a nice big mug for hot chocolate...
Chapstick and hand warmers for toboganning adventures...
And of course, purple soap!
Now, it can be tough to come by a box around here at times so I was struggling...but then I found this box that had been created into a car. The car was too small for Sarah so she had pushed it aside. I truncated it and taped it (quite a bit according to my friend) and packed up the goodies with some you know what sizzle is? It's the crinkly purple paper you see in the first photo with the mug. It's fun! I love that stuff! It makes me happy...

I got a call today. Carol got her care kit...she was happy...that made me happy...everytime I found myself grumbling about it being Wednesday (I have a thing about Wednesdays) I would think of Carol and how happy she was about the parcel. She claims she won't use the soap, she doesn't want to take the ribbon off of the hand warmers and she tells me that one day...maybe, just maybe she might do a craft with me (even though she hates crafts) because with me...the Creative Bug, it just might be fun!

Thanks Carol, you made my day too.


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