Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunshine on a cloudy day...

I think that there is a little bit of magic in Oreo know there are not a lot of store bought cookies that I go gaga over but Oreos are definitely one of them...
So, how could I not make these cupcakes covered, just covered in Oreos? Big Oreos, little's all good!
But you can never go wrong with a little icing either...
Then a few Ladybugs from Skittles...I kinda feel like a Fairy Godmother...well, maybe I shouldn't let it go to my head! But boy I do believe that these could make sunshine on a cloudy day.
Here they are all set up and ready to go for the big event. This is the stand that DH made me last year...doesn't it look great? I sure do love it...and him too for that matter.
Anyway, time to get myself moving over here...hope you all had a Great Mother's Day.



vibi said...

I'm floored! Speechless!

What an amazing job, Heather! Truly fabulous!

Tracey said...

Those sunflowers are gorgeous!! What a wonderful idea!