Monday, May 18, 2009

Popcorn anyone?

I want you to take an extra close look at this popcorn...cause it took me a long time to make! It wasn't just a matter of putting some corn in the air popper...these are marshmallows cut and glued together with icing.

This is the first bowl of popcorn that I can't finish!!!

So, rather than consume it, the popcorn was next adhered to mini-cupcakes...
And finally, I popped (pun totally intended) them into a popcorn box and took them to our fireworks. The kids loved them! They are small but a lot of work and a lot of fun!!!
For the adults, I made mint chocolate cupcakes with mint icing...but I think it was mostly the kids who ate you know any kids that don't like cupcakes???
Sweet eh?


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