Friday, May 15, 2009

A Fairy Good Time!

Remember the fairy invitations and amendments? Well, it's just about party time so I just shipped off some decorations to go along with the theme!

Wanna see? I hope so 'cause here they are...

Napkin rings. It's tricky to see in the photos but each ballerina has a set of vellum wings. So sweet!
The birthday banner...this was a whim (actually it all kinda was!) but isn't it sweet! And fortunately the hostess decided to humour me! ;)
Finally, the crowning touch...I also included 6 tiaras for the girls, which I forgot to take a photo of...silly me! I was mostly excited to get the package shipped out. The tiaras are super cute...I will be sure to take photos next time I do some up!

Speaking of birthdays...mine was yesterday. Here are Sarah & Sean presenting the birthday cake that they helped DH make for me. Didn't they do a fabulous job??? I am going to get DH to do all of my buttercream icing from now on I think!
Well, have a good night everyone!


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Ela "need quick cash" Hobs said...

so sweet.. How lucky to have them as your children