Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sweet Bouquets!

A good friend asked me if I would make her an edible bouquet (well, 2 actually) to present to her nieces after their dance recital. Traditionally she would bring them flowers but this time around she wanted something a little different. The only guidelines that I was given was that one loves pink and the other I went shopping...

I found some fabulous ribbon, tied it on my scallop bowls...sweet. Speaking of sweet, then I filled the bowls with chocolate covered peanuts (yummy!) My poor DH has been hankering for these
since my Mother's Day Creative Kids and still hasn't had the urge satisfied!!! Anyway, then I got to stamping and punching the flowers and arranging them accordingly. Each bowl is filled with 12 flowers and packaged them all up for my friend's nieces to enjoy...I hope they like them!!!



Sue said...

These are as cute as they get! Great job!

Candy said...

I love these!! Please can you tell me what you used to attach the gumdrops to the flowers so the girls wouldn't get sick?
Many thanks!

Heather said...

The 'flowers' are made with bamboo BBQ skewers. I poked a small hole in the paper flower then pushed the gumdrop on over top.