Monday, June 16, 2008

Handy Daddy's Everywhere Unite!

I have been meaning to get this posted all week but just didn't have the chance to take photos! Last weekend we enjoyed our last Creative Kids session of the season. It was our chance to celebrate Dad's with Father's Day just around the corner (of course now that was yesterday!)

Anyway, the kids had a delightful time making "Nuts & Bolts" snacks, a toolbox complete with a hammer and painting and decorating the picture frames. This was one of our more challenging sessions as it didn't all come together until the end and the kids really like completing projects as we go. They did great and were happy to get outside and enjoy the sunshine when their projects were complete!

As a special treat, I do my best to get into our daughter's class when I can. I was recently there to do a Mother's Day craft with the kids (I plan and do most of the prep work for the crafts) and I certainly did not want to leave the Dad's, I took in all the bits to create this card for Father's Day.

The kids really enjoyed it. I love watching them figure out where the pieces go and putting the puzzle together. They also got to use one of my stamps inside the card which was fun for them as well!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!!!


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