Saturday, August 16, 2014

Testing, testing...1, 2, 3!

You know what I love about my blog? It doesn't nag me. It doesn't make me feel guilty and say "Hey! Heather, I'm waiting!" It doesn't count the days. I do that all myself. You have been on my mind. A lot. I promise. I have been sewing a lot. For me. For the kids. For my mind. It has become my recent personal outlet/addiction. Actually, I may need an intervention but we'll do that another day!

For now, I want to share with you this super fun pattern that I got to test. Yes, ME! Yes, TEST! What an honour!

My kids all loved this pattern! It's by GreenStyle and it's called the Shawl Collar Pattern. It's going to be part of the Pattern Revolution Boys Bundle (I am seriously dying for this release!)'s what I made! I made my Middle Man a size 10 (he's a lean 10 year old) in camo knit with upcycled sleeves from an old tee of Mr. CB's.

He loves it and there's room for layering underneath!

Then, I made my Little Man this mostly upcycled version from one of Grampa CB's old sweatshirts (seriously, isn't this awesome?) with a bit of red ribbing to finish off the neck and the bottom (I used the sleeves as they were and just made sure that I cut the cuffs as part of the length so I didn't have to hem!) I made him a size 7 since the sweatshirt doesn't have a lot of give to it. 

And we loved the pattern SO much that the Creative Princess picked out some fabrics and I made her a version with a nice fleecy blue along with the black knit body. I also made the Creative Princess a size 10 but I lengthened it quite a bit so it was more fitted and closer to a tunic length (more stylish for a girl, I think!)

I would grade this pattern as an advanced beginner just because of the collar. Nothing to be afraid of but it's a bit picky. It goes together SO fast (less than an hour of sewing time for sure!) me pass the time until August 22nd when the bundle will be released so that I can get to work on some of the other awesome patterns coming out. My kids are going to look great this fall!


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