Monday, February 07, 2011

Jean-i-ous PD Day Camp!

One of my regular customers has been asking for these PD Day camps...this was our second one and they are SO MUCH FUN! I can't believe I didn't start sooner! So first I'd like to send a shout-out to that customer for encouraging me! I really couldn't do it without all the encouragement I get from all my readers, fans and of course my family and friends!

Sadly, I did not get a whole lot of photos throughout the day but I do have some of the girls' work that I would like to share...

We started off by making our purses...
Some of the girls had fabulous jeans to work with! And others made their fabulous with embellishments we made later in the day.
We did our hair accessories...these were so fun! And thanks to some encouragement from the salesperson at Joanne's we had some super cool ribbon for these too!
And the aprons! Gosh, I love these aprons! How cute are they...the girls worked so hard on can see that "Cookies" was embroidered on this one (this girl had big baking plans in mind!)
Now for those who didn't want to hand-stitch there were glueing options available too...
There are the unstuffed bolster pillows. They are to be filled with the girls' pjs when they aren't in use or when they go to a sleepover. I just love the roses on that pant leg!
I had my apron out for inspiration for the girls...I just passed it along to a young friend of mine. I made her brother an apron but never her. She was delighted and wore it home!
My hairband...although it's too small for me...I do love that flower though!
I know I already said it but I had SO much FUN! That day! We have some great March Break activities coming your way so if you live in the area or are looking for something fun to do come visit us in our Creative Workshop!


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