Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the Jungle the mighty jungle...

I think the lion might be sleeping now...or maybe the monkey...

I was asked by a friend to make their son's 1st birthday cake. Such an honour. Then she sent me this photo and asked me to use it to design the cake. The only request was that the monkey be on the cake as they often call their little guy a monkey.
I was going to keep it simple...I was going to build the animals around the outside of the cake and make them flat. But when I started to work on the cake...the lion (I started with him) screamed to be modelled not flat. And so it began...
Next came the zebra...I love his little blue stripes.
Finally, the monkey...I tried to stay as true to my inspiration as possible...they made me so happy.
I bet I know one monkey who is sleeping well tonight.


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