Tuesday, February 08, 2011

It's raining Cats & Dogs!

Well, it wasn't actually raining...it was snowing when we had this Creative Adventure!

The birthday girl requested a Cat & Dog theme...Dogs because she loves them and Cats for her friend who loves cats! How sweet is that?

So we started off with Shrink Art...a cat and a dog.
Put them in the oven...
I didn't get a lot of photos in the middle of the party...but here are some of the cupcakes the girls made.
Oh and did I mention the cat ear hair bands??? They were so fun and the girls loved them!
Our birthday girl!
I just loved the detail put into this cupcake...I was happy I could snap a photo before he was gobbled up!
We turned the Shrink Art into collars...
Then just one thing was missing...
A tail! We picked up a bunch of feather boas which happened to have a loop on either end so I slipped them onto some ribbon tied them on and we had some pretty sweet cat tails!

I had so much fun with these girls! They were a delight!


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