Sunday, October 25, 2009

Polka Dot Dot!

What seems like a lifetime ago, I had a job...I went on maternity leave and almost went back after my year but then I didn't. I worked with some wonderful when they found out I was pursuing my dreams and moving on to Creative Bug Full-time (as full-time as it gets when you are a stay at home mom anyway!) They became my cheering squad...

Well, one of the wonderful ladies that I used to work with is gaining a sister and wanted an extra-special cake for her shower...and that's when my inbox gave a ding...she sent me a photo of the wedding is beautiful.

After sharing ideas back and forth, we landed on a Black & White Polka Dot Cake. The colours are reminiscent of the invitation but the polka dots reflect the fun that a shower should be...
Don't they look sweet? The top tier was lemon cake with lemon buttercream (the bride to be doesn't like chocolate...imagine that!) The bottom tier was Black Chocolate with Cream Icing. I have received reports of serious yumminess!
Heather thank you !! The cake was a hit, it was delicious, it was beautiful and everyone RAVED about it !!! Jocelyn absolutely loved the choice, and adored the shoe :) Thanks so much again...... you rock !
Thank you! It was a delight to make!


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