Saturday, October 17, 2009

More than meets the eye!

I was recently contacted by a woman (it's hard not to call her a girl) who I went to grade school with to make a cake for her son's 7th birthday. He is having a Transformers Party today...I can't believe all the toys we played with and the shows we watched are all back en vogue with the kids today! Everything from Transformers and Star Wars to Strawberry Shortcake...incredible!!!

So, after some chatting, this is the cake we decided on...
Nathan and his friends will be enjoying a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting...yum!
My DH happened to have a dentist appointment near their house this morning so he was kind enough to deliver it (we don't usually deliver outside of Beamsville). When he got there he opened it to ensure that everything was okay (isn't he great?) and my friend said "Wow, I can smell the sugar". Yes, dear readers...there is some sugar in this cake!
Well, Happy 7th Birthday Nathan! I feel confident that the Autobots will once again defeat the Decepticons especially with you leading the troops!


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