Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gobble, gobble!

Growing up we celebrated Thanksgiving when I was young but as we got older my mother kind of gave up on the traditions. The honest truth is I don't really like turkey and well, I didn't back then either. It meant a lot of work, a lot of dishes and a lot of food...not a lot of fun in my mind...but I never have been much of a traditionalist!

I used to go to my best friend's house for Thanksgiving. Her mom did it up right...and boy was it ever crazy! The stress! It was fun only because I was with my friend and truth be told the food was delish! So, now I find myself with a family of my own not cooking turkey...the one white meat that I just don't really eat! But if you have some bones, I would love to make up some turkey soup! Yum!!!

With the kids in school I wonder if they feel a little left out so we try to do special things (Sean won't eat turkey anyway...he won't eat most meat!) So, after a superduper delish baked french toast dish for lunch and clean-up I set to making some cupcakes...
Turkey cupcakes that if they're aren't enough turkeys in this house!!! Now, in taking my photos I noticed a rather suspect blur in the photos...sorry about that...little hands you know!So here are my friends not so blurry now...the kids loved being involved in the creation of these. I told them that today we would have Creative there you have it!
Maybe it's crazy but it's just what we do...

PS We don't have a big meal on Christmas either!!! We have a brunch and enjoy some company at the house.

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