Monday, June 22, 2009

Well, Hello Kitty!

I am a bit behind on my posting...please forgive me!!! I counted over 80 cupcakes and decorated and 4 cakes done in less than a week! Things have been busy and it's been great! There was also a birthday party last weekend and my Father's Day workshop.

I know to many of you all of this sounds pretty crazy but it's what I love to do. I must confess though...I do prefer cupcakes over cakes...they are just too cute!!! ;)

So...if you remember we celebrated Sean's Unbirthday a few weeks ago...on Friday it was time for Sarah's! We decided to go with a Hello Kitty theme...

Whaddya think? I was a little concerned about Hello Kitty attacking considering the numbers but we all got along just great! Here is super-sweet, super-excited Sarah in her class with her cupcakes!
Now, if you know know I can't just make cupcakes...that would be too easy!!! Ha! Soooo...we also did a craft.
Hello Kitty clipboards!!! Now, the boys obviously wouldn't want Hello Kitty clipboards so we did Robot Clipboards to coordinate with Sean's Unbirthday. Now, I must admit the example I am about to show you isn't's much more creative and complex than my own but I simply loved it!!!!
Not only did my friend Jeffery do an awesome job of decorating his clipboard but in a moment of creative genius he noticed that his robot antennae could double as a nose!!!
Isn't that brilliant? This boy won big points on Friday!!! Now the crowning glory was when he explained to me that he 'let' another boy copy because it's okay to copy in fact it is a compliment!!! Thank you Jeffery! And thank you to all of my grade 1 friends! I sure had fun visiting all of you!!!


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The American Homemaker said...

I love the cupcakes and the clipboards. How adorable!