Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's a Party without Food?

How could I resist showing off a little more? This year I made DH's and my costumes, Simon's Cat in the Hat Costume and made the accessories for Sarah and Sean (Braids for Sarah and a flower for Sean). I try to use some bits that we have every year for reducing costs and waste.

For the first time ever, I made the food actually match my I went and bought myself the Green Eggs and Ham cookbook and went to town! The cake was one of my own adventures...this is a 5 layer cake. I didn't feel that it was tall enough to actually do all the stripes so I limited it to 3. I sculpted it to look kind of slopey like that Cat's Hat. It was an adventure...each one of these is a little easier as I do them...practice makes perfect I guess!

Since Sarah was Cindy Loo Who I thought I would make these...Cindy Loo Who Wreaths. They were super yummy and sticky!

I have to admit I cheated when it came to the Chili. In order to save time I did not follow the recipe in the book. Instead I used some chili we had in the freezer. It was a big hit anyway!

Again, the inspiration came from the cookbook but I used my own concoction for the was such a big hit last year that I again made Fruit Punch with Ginger Beer (a tangy Ginger Ale). Put in a Power Aide ice ring and we were good to go!
These noodles were a big hit with my daughter...she ate 3 bowls of them after the party!
This idea came from another one of my books...yellow jello with gummy fish (all we could find were sharks) in it. The kids loved it! It did not get dug into at the party but our kids inhaled it once I dished it out for them!
It wouldn't be a Dr. Seuss Party without Green Eggs & Ham!!!
Here is the table all set and ready to go!As always we had a fabulous time at the party. This year we played Pin the Nose on Frankenstein, made a pumpkin lantern craft and everyone took home an activity book.


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