Saturday, August 12, 2017

Goodnight St. John's...

There were a couple of places I found myself at a number of times while I was in NL. Signal Hill was one of those places. Imagine a time when this tower was an important piece of St. John's much history happened there.

I was so happy to take princess there so we could watch the sunset together. I did not get to see enough sunsets while I was there...but this one, was stunning.

I have seen 2 of these Canada 150 signs so far...I wish I could have travelled more to them in a few more provinces.

Ahhh, St. John's. I would come back in a heart beat. You are so beautiful.

And this sky, well...

This sky is so great that we might find it anywhere...if we take the time to look. And that day, we looked.

But, I would only come back if I had my team with me...there are so many things I want to share with them all. So many places, people and so many feelings.

Full of love.
Full of beauty.
Full of life.

Much love,

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