Tuesday, August 15, 2017

And then...

 The youth arrived. I will not share their photos here but know that they filled my heart as we went out and worked in St. John's and area.

We stained decks and painted fences. We sorted donations and helped pack care packs to hand out on the streets. We went on a street walk just so we could consider the challenges of being on them. We served lunch and spent time with athletes at Special Olympics Summer Games NL. We gardened for the community, we baked for Ronald McDonald House. We learned about the ocean and the diversity of our home. We prayed together and worshipped together. We cooked together and ate together. We were a community for 11 short days.

We were loved by the people of St. James United Church. They baked for us, drove us and washed our laundry. They walked with us and loved us.

All the while, we took in their beautiful home...

We shared our message as we went out into their community.

And we went out into their community. We loved their community. We saw so much but then...so little of their vast space. And their community, loved us. From the tour guide in the Bell Island Mine, to our bus driver on the Island. They all shared themselves with us.

We left together. Singing together. Drumming together.

Go make a joyful noise.
Go make a home.
Go make a difference.

Much love,

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