Sunday, June 11, 2017

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

 Amid all of the laundry, packing and preparations we took some time to just be. We went to one of my favourite spots. The Good Earth Cooking School. You should check it out sometime. It's so gorgeous.

 And not just the spot but the food is also incredible. How can food look so stunning? And taste so so tantalizing. It's a party for your taste buds.

And the gardens. Oh the gardens. They are so lovely even the bees enjoy them. Mr. CB is dying to get some of these Ornamental Cloves in his gardens. They are so delightful when they are in bloom.

Perhaps we will actually make it into the cooking school one of these days. I am sure it is an experience to behold...

And it's all just around the corner from us. 

So beautiful.
So delicious.
So blessed.

Much love from The Good Earth,

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