Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hello Halifax!

Oh Halifax! I cannot believe it has been 14 years since I was last here. For three years, I lived in a flat that looked out on the Public Gardens. There are so many stories of things that happened in the gardens, outside the gardens and around the gardens. So many times were had.

From there I headed down to the waterfront and took in some of my favourite sites. The historic properties were always a favourite spot of mine. It's like walking into another time.

And of course, the waterfront. There is a lot of construction there now but you can always count on Theodore Tugboat to be there for us!

My walk home reminded me how gorgeous it is out here. The rows of coloured houses...I am so excited to head to St. John's and see all of the colourful houses there. There is just something about them that I love.

So in love.
So lovely.
So blessed.

Much love from Halifax,

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