Friday, July 27, 2012

Sew What?! Creative Camps 2012

We started our week by talking about some sewing basics...among them the expression "Measure Twice, Cut Once". Everyone enjoyed this layout and was excited to move onto their first projects of the week!
We started off our week by working on aprons and water bottle holders. We made some appliques, did some hand stitching and had fun!
 Next up? Dresses! We used already made shirts, cut them and added fabric to suit the tastes of the stylists to create custom dresses for everyone!
This project was very popular with these future artists! We made art totes and decorated them with images and personalized them all with the girls' names!
 The big winner of the week? Our monster pillows! They were SO fun to watch the girls put together!

 Boy did I ever have a great week!


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Anonymous said...

That looks AMAZING. Anika and I were just discussing the idea of having a crafty party for her friends before going back to school - not sure I'm brave enough to shepherd a bunch of five year olds through sewing but I am really digging the tshirts to dresses idea. Wheels = turning. AWESOME!