Sunday, July 15, 2012

Creative Cake Camp 2012!

Wow! What a week we had! We started off with t-shirts (the children chose between "This is how I Roll" and "Keep Calm and Bake On"), Fish Cupcakes and Fish Scrapbook Pages! We also played games throughout the days so the kids could enjoy some time outside and have fun getting to know each other.

On Day 2 we got right into baking so that we could make our "Nature" Cupcakes and Scrapbook Page. I showed the children how to do a Bumblebee, Lady Bug and an Owl and they created the other 3 on their own. It was fantastic watching them get to work!

Day 3 there was more baking to be done! We worked on Lollipop cakes, enjoyed Popsicles we made the day before and started Cake Pops!
 On Day 4 we got those Cake Pops working for us! Thank goodness for that! They were delicious!
 We also started some figure modelling for our final cake on Day 4 This was a highlight...the children enjoyed it so much we spent a little extra time working on it!
 Finally! Day 5 we iced and covered our cakes then began to decorate them with the pieces the children had made. Again, I worked with them on the red bird and one pig and they went on from there.
 The highlights of the week were games with Michelle (Mother May I? was a big favourite!), Figure Modelling and Baking!

We are looking forward to Sew What?! running the week of July 16th! Then we move onto Creative Cooks, Sew Much More and our last camp is Rainbow Connection! It's going to be a jam packed summer full of Creative Adventures!


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