Friday, October 19, 2012

Secret Agent Party

Every year we have the "Big Birthday Party" yep, that's what we call it. You see all 3 of our children are summer babies (after the first one it was a bit of an addiction...) so we have one big party for all 3 at once. And then...when I'm feeling like "SuperMum" I throw in an individual party for one of them. This year it was Sean's turn.

He is my ninja/spy/secret agent kid. So, there wasn't much choice in the matter. I set to work just days before the party was to happen and pulled together some Training Passports.
And some clues for a scavenger hunt...this was hysterical as the kids solved each clue they had to have their passports signed. A task that Mr. CB took very seriously. Sometimes there were stickers other times a sloppy signature. Always in a different colour and each task had a code word to put in the book. It made the party fun for us too! That way the kids were always stopping by to see us...
They had to pop the bombs...these were fun! I put sprinkles in a couple of them. I would put sprinkles in all of them next time because the effect was fabulous!
 They had to finish this drawing to show what the bad guy looked after photo sorry!
 And there was the laser maze. Mr. CB had a hard time following what I wanted him to do until I mentioned the movie with Catherine Zeta Jones and then I lost him for a moment! Here he is trying to escape the maze while the kids zip through it! (they did this over and over again they loved it so much!)
Disguises, weapons and other important gear!
The birthday boy really wanted to give out water guns. It's the first time we've ever had them in our house...well, outside! This kept them busy while we got lunch cooked up.
The Birthday Boy with his cake. Fun and to the point right? He loved the sparkler on top!
Our Secret Agents! The chocolate moustaches were a hit with the kids too! They had to eat them before they left as they were melting from the heat. (you caught me, this party was in July!)
I made my birthday boy pretty happy with this party. We sat down and enjoyed a quiet afternoon when it was all done...whew!


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