Thursday, February 23, 2012


It all started about a year ago when my Creative Guy wore through the knee on a pair of his jeans...I couldn't just patch them...that just not my style so I googled it, checked out One Pretty Thing (one of my favourite spots and dug around until I found this tutorial and fixed up his jeans!

Then, late in the year there was another pair with a hole...with this post as inspiration. This 'repair' really upset the Creative Baby...he just hated me touching these jeans!
And most recently the monster jeans! There are a number of tutorials for this one but this is the one I used.
 I think these are the most favourite yet! My Creative Guy wore these one day then the flame jeans the next...I suggested that he might not wear holey jeans so often and he replied that they are his coolest ones! I don't remember ever being happy about my mother patching my jeans...

So glad I can make him happy!


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