Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Harvest Cupcake Challenge!

I was invited by the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce to participate in a Cupcake Challenge at their Annual General Meeting. I would go up against the Pastry Chef from August Restaurant in creating and decorating a jumbo cupcake and then baking mini cupcakes for tasting.

I baked Pear Ginger Cupcakes with a Goat Cheese Cream Jumbo Cupcake is meant to be a basket of apples and pears.  
 I got the sweet mini-loaf pans from Michaels for only $1.50 each...aren't they fabulous?
 Fabi, baked Candy Apple Cupcakes and made this fabulous Candy Apple Jumbo Cupcake covered with Red Chocolate Melts and Caramel Icing.
Aren't her cupcakes adorable?

 We enjoyed a lovely dinner together...and waited until it was taste testing time pretty patiently (if you ask me). Finally, they got around to us...and well, the results were very close (and I totally believe that because both of the cupcakes were totally fabulous!)

...Anyway, the winner would get to donate $183 (as donated by the Chamber Members and their guests that evening) to the charity of choice, win bragging rights and enjoy some other perks with the Chamber...

SO....the winner was...


Pretty cool eh? And my charity of choice was The Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre. They are instrumental in supporting our youngest child in speech development...

Hope you had a fabulous weekend, I know we did!


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Beans said...

But of COURSE you won!! No contest there in my opinion. Awesome work once again, Creative Bug!