Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cake Camp Day 4 & 5 - Final Cake!

The kids loved modelling so much that we managed to fit in another mini session on Day #4 while our cakes were baking.  One of the final cakes was to be a Smurf house so I thought I would help the kids out by creating a Smurf that day. Boy did they ever love it!

Aren't they great?

 Onto our final cakes...each cake was designed by the decorator. This enabled us to see a wide variety in finished product and learn different techniques with the different cakes.  This artist used a variety of colours, cutters and techniques and had fun exploring some options in cake decorating!
 The owl in this cake was modelled independently by the decorator...I showed her how to use the clay extruder so she could make the Owl's nest. She was so proud of her modelling from previous days she included that on the cake as well!
 This was cake represents a Smurf house. We also modelled a present to turn his Smurf into Jokey Smurf!
 This decorator took her time and created a lovely flower design on her cake...she took great care in everything she did.
This decorator had Nature on the brain! She enjoyed using the cutters, doing some painting and some independent modelling as well. 
It was such a fun week! I hope that the kids had as much fun as I did because I sure did love it!


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