Friday, September 23, 2011

Cake Camp - Above and Beyond

When I decided to do this camp, it never occured to me that my son would want to do it (and that he would find a friend to join him!) But the biggest surprise of all was the determination of my kids to keep on going after the camp was over!

These are their cakes as they were finished with everyone else's
 I think they're pretty cool.
 But that evening, they were in my workshop...
 ...taking things just one step further...
And the next day, they had these totally awesome cakes...
Aren't they fabulous? I was impressed by all the kids that came but mine in all honesty are exposed to a LOT of cakes. But I never dreamt that this is what they would come up with!
We were so proud of their creations...we share them with some of our friends and neighbours.