Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winter Wonders

We errr Sarah has had a Maplelea Doll for just over a year now. She loves it when the new catalogues come in and flipping through them. So, when she saw the winter gear she immediately started talking about our next sewing project! It became a necessity that Taryn have all the gear to help her get through a cold Canadian Winter.

Me being less of a good sewer, more of a creative sewer...I looked for an easy way to meet our needs.
The hat is a simple fleece tube tied at the top and then Sarah cut the fringe with her sewing scissors.
The scarf is no simple! Sarah also did this fringe.
Finally there were the mitts...the most complicated pieces...I guessed and got them right on the second try. Whew! We added bows to the mitts and called the ensemble complete!


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