Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Girly Fun!

Before I met with this birthday girl and her mother the birthday girl said she wanted a 'girly' party. That was her specification. So, they stopped by and we took a look around my workshop and the decisions were made;
  1. Hairbands!
  2. Monogram Crown and Ice Cream Shrink Art!
  3. Vanilla Cupcakes!
A girl after my own heart for sure!

First we got the cupcakes in the oven...
Then the colouring began!
And the shrinking...
I didn't take any photos of the process of making the hairbands as it was pretty busy! But check this blog out for ideas...
The birthday girl kept faking us was tricky to get a photo of her blowing out her candle! We had some fun with my fondant cutters and chocolate fondant to complete the cupcakes.
Some of the girls at Friday's party had been here was great to see them again! I love seeing children come back again! They were such a great group...and were super patient when we were making their hair bands (my self and the birthday girl's mother were in charge of the glue gun!)


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