Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Spa Time Again!

I can't believe my luck this weekend! I went from hair bands and shrink art to a spa party! How lucky am I...these girls were SO much fun to have in my workshop!

We started off by making chocolate cupcakes...
The girls were pretty independent so I got some extra photos in!
Then, we made our mini-soaps...vanilla scented. Sweet!
Most of these girls were 10 years old so I put them in charge of the microwave and they took care of the melting, stirring and added the scent before they started pouring.
I guess this is when I stopped taking photos...we also made bath bombs and lip gloss. Then we decorated cupcakes!
The birthday sweet is she?
Here are a few of the girls that were at the party...
You can just see how fun they were by this photo (at least I think you can!)


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