Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celebration Time!

Ohhh, I haven't let you all down like this in ages!!! I am so sorry my friends! Things have been crazy! We have been celebrating around here! For a number of reasons...
Here are the invitations I made for the celebration up close...these were simple and sweet. I got the idea from the most recent SU! catalogue.Here is the inside...I can't say what makes me want to write these cheesy little poems but they are fun...they make me happy...what can I say?

So...what are our celebrations you ask?
  1. July 7th - Simon's 1st & Grandpa John's Birthday
  2. July 11th - DeRuyte Family Picnic
  3. July 16th - I left my career behind for my family
  4. July 18th - The Big Birthday Party (for all 3 of our children!)
  5. July 19th - Grandma's Birthday (My mother) & our 2nd Anniversary living in Beamsville
  6. July 26th - Sean's 5th Birthday
  7. August 15 - Sarah's Birthday
The list goes on and on...but there are lots of reasons to celebrate! Please look for more of our celebration pics over the coming weeks!


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