Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tea at the Beam House

Our neighbour opened a Tea Room in the front of her home on Tuesday. So, as dutiful neighbours the boys and I decided that we ought to enjoy lunch there. We had the honour of being the first paying guests!

There are all kinds of goodies for sale there...including gifty stuff, looseleaf tea, etc, etc...there are a few things that I would like to buy for presents!

The food was fabulous! Simple, light, very enjoyable. Sean ate his whole sandwich, thoroughly enjoyed the pinenuts on the salad and shared his blueberries with Simon. He also talked me into trying the dill...doesn't taste bad...kind of grassy in texture though. He did not like it!
Sean was sad when they found something for dessert for him and I said that he couldn't have a treat at home then. They were very accomodating with Sean's lactose intolerance.
Sean wanted to show me how they drink Cheerios out of a cup at Music & Movement. Both boys were total gentlemen throughout the lunch...well Simon did let a few burps out but he is only 9mos! Sorry no photos of Simon...he was making funny faces that day!
We thoroughly enjoyed the experience...Sean enjoyed choosing my tea cup for me, setting the hourglass timer to know when the tea would be steeped, he liked the strainer I used to keep the leaves out of my tea and I really enjoyed my chocolate mint tea!
Look out Beam House! Just 'cause we didn't leave our chair doesn't mean that we won't be coming back!!!


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