Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Belated Easter Greetings

I am at a loss for time lately...I am afraid that time is slipping through my fingers. You know aging doesn't bother me but missing things does and there is just so much to do while the kids are young. People often tell me that ours must be a cool place to be. I am not sure about that...I have spent the last several months working hard so I can enjoy moments like these though...

It's hard to get 3 kids looking at the camera and not blinking at once. Oh well...
Simon was absolutely delighted to sit beside his older brother in this cart at Canadian Tire...honestly they were both steering and honking...boy am I ever in trouble! ;)Sweet Sarah in her new soccer shoes (she was quite concerned that they be included in the photo). We had a great Easter Monday with Gramma doing errands and having lunch. Sarah and Sean should be set for the summer for athletic equipment now. I hope!


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