Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pampering Fest

I know that Pampering Fest was almost a week ago and my photos and thoughts really should have shown up before now but what can I say? I have been catching up on my sleep after all of the excitement last week! And, well, as with every mother I have been working because the work never stops (to be honest, that's how I like it!)

So, here it table at Pampering Fest. I did not bring any baking or photos of cakes because, I just couldn't fit that in space wise so I thought I would focus on my workshops. We had lots of fun! We were giving away flower lollies (they are at the back of the table with my cards attached), making gumdrop flowers and we had other goodies too!

At the other end of the table was my door prize and other treats that we had. One lady told us that she is part of a Ladybug club (my kind of women!) so we gave her enough treat bags for their next gathering! I also had enough red and purple lollies on hand to satisfy the ladies of the Red Had Society (again, totally my kind of women...I have a few years to go before I get there so for now I will simply admire their bold sense of themselves!)

I know I am yammering a lot is my door prize! I just took the picture as it is waiting to go to it's new home...These are samples of the cards included in the basket. There are 6 of each card along with a 4x4 accordian album. I figured I better make it bold as we were at Pamperfest...a day for women so these cards are for you ladies!

I made it home and unpacked the car after a long day and had one of my volunteers do the draw for me...Julie Conklin come on down! We are looking forward to sharing some creativity with you! I hope that everyone went to Pampering Fest this year had a great time and for those who didn't make it, you should really try next year! It was a great day for all!


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