Monday, February 23, 2009

New week, new schedule...

Things have been very busy over here at Creative Bug Headquarters...we have been doing some home renos (there is always work to be done), gearing up for Buggy Birthdays, and fitting in family fun whenever we can!

In order to make my life a little more orderly, I have set up a schedule for Monday is baking are the treats for my contract tomorrow...they will be enjoying Maple-Cornmeal Drop Biscuits, Citrus Sunshine Muffins and Blueberry Brown Sugar Plain Cake...Yummy!

The biscuits were inspired by our trip to the sugar bush on Saturday...look at Simon...he is getting SO BIG!!! And yes, finally a photo of me! There were rumours going around that I am a minister and all sorts of crazy things! I am not a minister but I part of our Teens N Trinity Team! (More about that later!)
Now, when Sean was first asked to try out the hand drill he was a little uncertain but once Martin got him started we had to drag him away! Look at the concentration! And the pile of shavings he created! Fantastic!

Sarah, seeing her brother do it decided that she better get in there and try too. So, Sean and I headed off to saw a maple coin (with a 2-person saw) and Sarah had a go at it!
This year at the Sugar Bush was like no other...the kids really got into it! It was so fun to be there with them!


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