Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So Long, Farewell, Until we meet again...

Because I do believe we will meet again...this is Reverend Judy and may recall the photo from a few weeks ago. Judy is now officially retired from our church however, she is heading out on an adventure to spend a year working at a small church in Bermuda. I am sure that she and her husband John will have many adventures while they are away!

There was a committee (it's a church...there is a committee for everything!) for putting together a goodbye for Judy and John. I was called upon by the committee to make a card for our church family and friends to share their thoughts and give Judy and John their best wishes. Now, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do a journal...

So, I found this wonderful Dr Seuss quote that made me think of Judy through and through (I hope she likes it!) and I put together this chipboard journal that has been sitting collecting dust in my workshop for ages!!! I stuffed the book full of colourful pages and brought it to church.

Then something wonderful happened...the book got full! So, I wanted to make a matching book but didn't want to use the same quote. Someone suggested another Dr Seuss quote...well, I am okay with people thinking I am a little different but there is more that inspires me than the great Dr Seuss! So I set off to find just the right inspiration...
And Martin Luther King Jr. won the second time around. As I think that Judy and John feel like they are taking a bit of a leap of faith leaving the friends and family behind and heading to Bermuda for the year.

So thank you Dr Seuss and Mr King...and thank you Judy and John for sharing your lives, your faith and yourselves with us. It's been just less than a year since we joined your family and now you are moving on but I am certain that we will meet again.


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