Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Day!!!

There seems to be endless excitement these days! We walked a friend to school for a couple of days as his sister and mother were sick and in his running around he said 'what are these trees? Why are they everywhere?' Well, they are our Christmas Cards and they are waiting to be finished and sent out...

On Friday the kids were sent home for a snow day as the weather was so snowy the school closed. So I finally managed to get these cards rounded up and into envelopes!!! Hooray!

Here is a closer view of this year's Christmas Card...I had fun doing them as I used SU! Designer was all Certainly Celery but there were 6 different double sided papers making 12 paper patterns to choose from! So fun!

Now when you are trying to get the cards wrangled and the kiddies start to get bored what do you do? Pop in a video, make caramel corn...ahhh, a little peace. But wait they are hungry again? Now we have to get some healthy treats in...

These are deluxe funny faces...they were discovered in England when we were there several years ago visiting Uncle George and Auntie Val. They have morphed into a bit of a competition between my husband and I...who can come up with the coolest funny face ideas. The fun is endless!!!

Now, the cards are done and ready to go but it's too blizzardy to mail them and the house is getting pretty the cards will wait another day...

Now that was Friday and here it is Monday...I have to be honest. I didn't get to the post office today either. But I did send the cards off with a friend of ours who came to pick up his daughter after she finished up a visit with us let's hope we can finally say "The cards are in the mail!"


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