Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Canada Day!!!

Well, I hope that all of our Canadian readers had a great Canada Day and all of our American readers are looking forward to a fabulous Independence Day! We enjoyed our day as a family here...We started the day off William Sonoma Style with Maple Leaf Pancakes...which were, of course, topped with Canadian Maple Syrup!

The kids and I decorated some cupcakes, Canadian Style, of course! Before lunch and we sang Happy Birthday to Canada and enjoyed the cakes of our labour! These delights were banana cupcakes with Maple Leaf Quins...such fun!

We then headed off to Charles Daley Park in Jordan where we enjoyed some supper, a clown who does amazing Balloon Art. His name is Halaloo if you live in the area he is definitely worth checking out! Sarah wanted a purple flower and Sean chose a Monkey in a cool is that??? There were some pretty amazing balloons at the park!!!

Finally, Sean really enjoyed 'monkeying' around in the bouncy castles...he wanted me to take lots of photos but this is one of my favourites...Sarah had a quick hop in one and then was done but Sean must have gone 4 times!!!

We had a great Canada Day as a family...we then headed home and relaxed with a movie and some kettle corn (who knew there is no butter in kettle corn??)


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