Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This one speaks for itself!

You know...when we had a boy I never imagined he would be so much like me! His ability to wipe out, trip over nothing and find the bumps in the sidewalk is uncanny next to my own. Add in a love of sticks, bugs and holes (why do boys always feel the need to put things in holes??) and you have our son.

He is the sweetest thing if you ask me though. At almost 4 he is still full of cuddles and hugs amongst all of that 'boy stuff'. Anyway, onto my page now...this was a fun one to do. In fact I have been planning it for sometime so when I saw Tina McDonald's layout on Pencil Lines I was ready to go!

Not only is Tina very talented but she is also Canadian! And boy do I love that!!! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us Tina! Here is my interpretation of her sketch...

I have to admit I have become a bit of a paper junkie lately so this is some of my new SU! paper in action...I have to justify it somehow!


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domestic goddess said...

love the black matting, great layout
anna x