Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cupcake Catastrophe???

I think pregnancy must be getting to me because it seems to me that things have not been turning out quite right lately...look at these poor, mangled cupcakes!!! Sean was quick to console me...'It's okay Mummy, I don't mind'. I can't believe that that is what my 3 year-old is saying to me!!! Anyway, I cut off the extra bits and prettied them up...wanna see?

Here they are!!! The kids have a Teddy Bear Picnic today at the library so I wanted to make beehive cupcakes. I think my icining is not quite stiff enough and to get the true beehive effect I could have used another layer of icing but I thought one layer was enough for the kiddies!

Here is a final close-up...these were pretty fun and simple to make. DH was impressed with the icing job while I was mostly pleased that I had a bumble bee stamp that I could use to decorate them because I was looking for a sweet and simple way out!

So today, the little guy and I will head off to the library while DH and our daughter head off to see the RCMP's Musical Ride at the fairgrounds. I hope everyone enjoys their morning!!!

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Lisa Thibault said...

These are darling. I love the little toppers and the icing is the most beautiful shade of yellow.