Sunday, March 23, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!!!

Since the kids have grown SO much since we have moved out into the fresh country air we got them each a new bicycle to start spring off right! Well, sort of...we had to return them for even bigger bicycles than we thought!!! Our surprise didn't work out exactly as planned but the good news is they are both thrilled with their latest new bicycles and thoroughly enjoyed riding them with Martin this afternoon!

Here is Sarah showing her was hard to get a picture of her because the new bike is SO fast!!! ;)

Now here is Sean who is showcasing his muddy pants, coat and mitten (the boy doesn't miss a beat!) He even rode directly into a snowbank...even I can't explain it...but I do know where he gets it from!!! He finished today's ride off by crashing 3 more times and breaking not just his horn but also his bell!!! Definitely my boy!!!

It is nice to see that spring is slowly waking least we have had the bicycles out! Even Martin was on his today and they have another ride planned for tomorrow!


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